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Barnett clutch conversion kits

Clutch conversion kit is the Barnett clutches solution for the clutch problems of a number of Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha has equipped a number of its models with a clutch with a diaphragm spring. In practice, this system does not appear to work completely flawlessly. The consequence of this is a clutch that is difficult to operate and sometimes very rapid wear of the clutch plates.

Barnett clutches’ solution is a new milled pressure plate fitted with a number of traditional clutch springs. Below is an example of this.barnett xv1900

Barnett clutch conversion

Less wear and a much more manageable coupling is the result of installing this conversion kit. A relatively simple adjustment with great results.

This clutch spring conversion kit is available for the following Yamaha motorcycles:

  • YZF-R1 1998-2003
  • FJ 1100 en FJ 1200
  • FJR 1300
  • V-Max 1200
  • XTZ 1200 Super Tenere
  • MT-01
  • XV 1600
  • XV 1700
  • XV 1900

You can find the various conversion kits on our website

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